Available Products For This Business

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    • V - vegetarian, VG - vegan, GF - gluten free, DF - dairy free, * - on request

    • Grilled Broccoli with lemon tahini mayo and savoury granola (gf v vg* df*)
    • Jalapeno Poppers [HOUSE FAVIORITE] Stuffed, crumbed and fried, special sauce (v)
    • PAN-FRIED EDAMAME shell-on edamame in a sweet and sticky soy glaze (DF, V, VG)
    • MAPLE FRIED CHICKEN buttermilk fried chicken tossed in maple butter and house pickles
    • CREAMY SLAW with red onion and a lime coriander mayo (GF, V)

    • PRESSED PORK BELLY autumn slaw, pink pickles, and Sriracha (GF*, DF)
    • JACKFRUIT pulled jackfruit, crispy chickpeas, lemon tahini mayo and red pepper flakes (GF*, DF, V, VG*)
    • FRIED CHICKEN buttermilk fried chicken, green peppers and onions with chilli jam

    • The Smokey Ground aged beef patty, double smoked free-range streaky bacon, smokey bbq sauce, buttermilk onion strings, cheddar and mayo (GF*, DF*)
    • Double Smokey Go large on the classic with double the beef and double the cheese (GF*,DF*)
    • The Standard The original: ground aged beef patty, cheddar, pickles, ketchup and mustard mayo (GF*,DF*)
    • Double Standard Our original standard burger but with double the beef and double the cheese (GF*,DF*)
    • The Bernie Mac Two ground aged beef patties, special sauce, iceberg, cheese, pickles and onions in between and arobake brioch bun (gf*,df*)
    • The Schnitz Crispy free-range buttermilk chicken, iceberg, pickles and aioli
    • THE MAJESTIC nearly as tall as welly’s own tower! buttermilk fried chicken, cheese, bacon, hashbrown, house pickles, lettuce, smokey bbq, and aioli
    • STADIUM ACADIAN Grilled cajun marinated chicken, green peppers and onions, slaw and lime coriander mayo
    • VITAMIN SEA seasoned and grilled market fish, sweet baby cos, crispy capers, pink pickles, and lemon tahini mayo
    • MASSIVE ATTACK built on a ground aged beef patty we add swiss, pressed pork belly, smokey bacon, pink pickled onions, lettuce, ketchup and mayo
    • PIGGY POP slow cooked pressed pork belly, autumn slaw, chilli jam, crispy shallots, and kewpie mayo

    • Curlies (V) Smokey bbq sauce
    • Punjabi Poutine [THE ALL-STAR BL CLASSIC] Fat fries with garlic salt and mozzarella, smothered in the city's best butter chicken sauce! (Vegetarian: $14 / with chicken: $19)
    • Bayou Fats (Bahy-Oh!) Southern seasoned, malt vinegar mayo (df)
    • Fat Fries With malt vinegar mayo (V, DF, VG*,GF*)

    • Dough-Nuggets (v) Great for sharing! mini baked doughnuts dusted in cinnamon sugar and served with sticky salted caramel sauce

    • The Classics Vanilla soft serve smothered in your choice of CHOCOLATE, CARAMEL OR PASSIONFRUIT.
    • Deluxe Sundae: Charlie Brownie Vanilla soft serve with peanut butter brownie, dark chocolate, boozy fix and fogg peanut butter sauce and lashings of chocolate sauce (cab be made vegan)
    • Deluxe Sundae: Caramel Crunch Sweet, sticky, salty, crunchy and cool, this sundae has everything. Smooth vanilla soft serve, pecan hokey pokey, salted pretzels, and salted caramel sauce.
    • Deluxe Sundae: Cheeky Pav Vanilla soft serve with berry coulis, whipped cream, and smashed meringue

    • Sodas Bootlegger’s lemonade, Bootlegger's cola, ginger ale, ginger beer, tonic, lemon lime and bitters, lime and soda, coke or diet coke
    • Juices Orange, pineapple or apple
    • Milkshakes Vanilla bean, quadruple chocolate, salted caramel, banana, or strawberry
    • Coconut water 250ml Monsoon Sparkling Coconut water
    • Antipodes Sparkling water 500ml
    • Fallen Coconut Water
    • Antipodes Sparkling Mineral Water