Available Products For This Business

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    • V - vegetarian, VG - vegan, GF - gluten free, DF - dairy free, * - on request
      $0.00 add

    • Jalapeno Poppers [HOUSE FAVIORITE] Stuffed, crumbed and fried, special sauce (v)
      $12.00 add

    • The Smokey Ground aged beef patty, double smoked free-range streaky bacon, smokey bbq sauce, buttermilk onion strings, cheddar and mayo (GF*, DF*)
      $15.50 add
    • Double Smokey Go large on the classic with double the beef and double the cheese (GF*,DF*)
      $20.50 add
    • The Standard The original: ground aged beef patty, cheddar, pickles, ketchup and mustard mayo (GF*,DF*)
      $13.50 add
    • Double Standard Our original standard burger but with double the beef and double the cheese (GF*,DF*)
      $18.50 add
    • The Bernie Mac Two ground aged beef patties, special sauce, iceberg, cheese, pickles and onions in between and arobake brioch bun (gf*,df*)
      $19.00 add
    • The Schnitz Crispy free-range buttermilk chicken, iceberg, pickles and aioli
      $16.00 add
    • THE MAJESTIC nearly as tall as welly’s own tower! buttermilk fried chicken, cheese, bacon, hashbrown, house pickles, lettuce, smokey bbq, and aioli
      $21.00 add
    • Burger Kit for 4 Everything you need to create Burger Liquor at home; freshly ground beef patties, Arobake buns, perfect melting cheese, house made pickles, shredded cos lettuce, sliced tomato, and our secret special sauce. We do all the prep and you take the credit!
      $38.00 add

    • Punjabi Poutine [THE ALL-STAR BL CLASSIC] Fat fries with garlic salt and mozzarella, smothered in the city's best butter chicken sauce! (Vegetarian): $14
      $14.00 add
    • Fat Fries With malt vinegar mayo (V, DF, VG*,GF*)
      $6.00 add

    • Sodas Bootlegger’s lemonade, Bootlegger's cola, ginger ale, ginger beer, tonic, lemon lime and bitters, lime and soda, coke or diet coke
      $5.50 add
    • Almighty Juices Orange and Apple or Guava, Basil, and Lime
      $6.00 add
    • Milkshakes Vanilla bean, quadruple chocolate, salted caramel, banana, or strawberry
      $8.50 add
    • Coconut water 250ml Monsoon Sparkling Coconut water
      $5.00 add
    • Antipodes Sparkling Mineral Water
      $6.00 add